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Concrete Polishing for Schools

Some of our Polished Concrete Jobs for Schools

If you’re looking for long lasting, highly reflective great looking concrete floors for your school, contact us. We provide polished concrete floors to schools in Denver and the Mountain West.

We work with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, trade schools and universities.  Just a sample of our many previous jobs are shown in the gallery below.

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Recent Polished Concrete Jobs for Schools

Polished Concrete for Your School Done Right and On Time

Avoid School Opening Delays!

Hiring the low bid can get you in trouble. Below is a great example how not all concrete polishers are the same.

We recently came across an article from the Casper Star Tribune which provides the details about how a school concrete polishing has gone terribly wrong, delaying the opening of a school.

From the Article:

“Dennis Bay, executive director for business services at the school district, said the problem was in the concrete floor’s finish. Faulty polishing left the floor’s coloring inconsistent, he said, and lines made by masking tape used to section off the floor during polishing are still visible.”

“project superintendent Kyle Wolfe, who oversees construction at Southridge, said. Polishing concrete floors is an act of precision… We take microns off the top layer to essentially polish it and make it shine… Polishers grind away fractions of an inch off the top of the concrete, to give it a more finished look.”

Concrete Floors for Your School: Considerations

Concrete Polishing requires an incredible amount of precision an experience. Concrete Floor Systems has seventeen years of experience polishing concrete for Industrial, Retail, Commercial, Government and Educational clients. We can get you the high quality polished concrete floor that you’re looking for and get it done right the first time.

Schools are high traffic areas – and their floors suffer a lot of abuse. Polished concrete floors are a fantastic flooring option for schools as they offer the following benefits:

  • Low Maintenance Cost – Polished concrete has a very low lifetime maintenance cost when compared to other flooring options – making it a great flooring option for your building.
  • Highly Reflective – Polished concrete floors are highly reflective. This not only makes it visually appealing, but the reflective properties actually lower lighting costs.
  • Safe – Despite being highly reflective, polished concrete is a non-slip certified flooring option
  • Eco-Friendly – Polished concrete is good for the environment – it is Leed Certified
  • Durable – Polished Concrete is extremely durable

At Concrete Floor Systems, we have years of experience providing our concrete polishing services to schools, and we can keep your project on schedule.  

Polishing Existing Floors (Carpet, Epoxy and Tile)

If you already have concrete floors in your building which are coated with epoxy, tile, or covered by carpet, we can help.  We’re able to take care of the removal of your current flooring products and repair imperfections in the underlying concrete.

We’re then able to prep and polish the concrete floors.  The result is a stunning, brand new looking concrete floor that will meet the needs of your school district.

New Concrete Floors

If you’re a new school with a new concrete pour – or even if you have concrete floors that have deteriorated due to a poor polish or neglected maintenance, we can help.

We’re able to provide polished concrete that look great, be easy to maintain, and will offer a lower lifetime cost than most other flooring options.

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