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Polished Concrete in an Arvada, Colorado School 2 Years Later

Arvada Middle School Concrete Polishing Job - 2 Years Later

Hord Coplan Macht (HCM) schools always turn out great. Especially when Concrete Floor Systems delivers amazing looking polished concrete floors. LOL. Love the natural rock look around the concrete pedestal. This job at Three Creeks K-8 in Arvada was done almost 2 years ago.

How did we do this?

We came in early in the project and ground and polished the slab. We use high-quality diamonds from Pantheon Sales and Rental which are from Diamatic. They only use South Korea diamonds. We cross hatch the floor and refine the floor to full refinement.

After we get to a 200 grit we densify the floor at 200 sq ft per gallon. We work in the Diamatic Ultra-Sil and allow it to dry overnight. Best way to densify. Then we do the 400-800-1800 grits. All edges are done by hand. All door jams are done with a small tool. No halos around the walls or door jams for CFS.

We put down two very thin applications of stain protection and burnish. Then we covered the floor with EZ Cover from Pantheon Sales and Rental.

It’s simple enough when you have highly trained craftsman working for your company…. Polished concrete if done correctly will last a lifetime, but when companies cut corners, it will not hold up or look this good.

Photos of the Job 2 Years Later

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