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DiamaPro UV HS

Concrete Floor Systems exclusively uses DiamaPro UV HS for industrial and commercial concrete coating applications.

Advantages of DiamaPro UV HS Over Conventional Coatings

Microban Antimicrobial Technology​
This technology is infused into Diamapro UV HS Plus. This prevents the growth of damaging bacteria and stains associated with bacteria growth. This makes the coating ideal for health industry and food preparation applications.
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Moisture Control
DiamaPro Moisture control is a sealer used for waterpfoofing which is able to control moisture mitigation. It is able to eliminate wicking, sweating dusting and flaking associated with moisture escaping from concrete.
Cure Speed
The DiamaPro UV Sytems cure immediately when we expose them to our portable ultraviolet light source. This can save you up to two days on your schedule as traditional coatings can take up to 2 days – and sometimes even more – to fully cure. This reduces build time (or downtime) as your building can be ready for operation in just a few hours.
Diamapro is highly resistant to scratching and is extremely durable. You can fairly easily get a long life – even in high traffic areas.
Our coating won’t become slippery – even after cleaning of the surface is completed. The coating complies with even the most stringent standards in the United States and the risk from inhalation and flammability is almost non-existent. When cured, the surface does meet National Floor Safety Institute certifications for coefficient of friction – thereby helping to ensure safety of all those who walk on the surface.
Mainentance and Restoration
Periodic maintenance with DiamaPro UV HS is easy.

Cleaning is a breeze as the coating can’t be penetrated by cleaners. You can use cleaning agents that are designed specifically to the substance you want to remove, and the coating will be unaffected.

You don’t even have to remove the initial application – just apply another coat of Diamapro and cure with an ultraviolet light.

Actual Uses in Industrial / Commercial Settings

Check out our two case studies below to get more insight on how DiamaPro UV HS is hugely beneficial to industrial facilities.
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Toyota Forklifts DiamaPro Case Study
Case Study:
Toyota Forklifts
Hospital DiamaPro Case Study
Case Study:
Cape Coral Hospital
Food Prep DiamaPro Case Study
Sample Use:
Food Processing
Airplane Hangar DiamaPro Case Study
Sample Use:
Airplane Hangar

Additional Materials

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DiamaPro Diama-TLC Colors
Color Chart
Microban Flyer
Microban Info


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