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Concrete Polishing for Retail Stores

Polished Concrete Flooring: A Perfect Fit for Any Retail Environment

Polished floors provide a bright, inviting, beautiful and safe introduction to your retail space.
Properly grinded and polished concrete offers high reflectivity making your space brighter. This not only makes the customer’s journey through your store more inviting, it can also lower your electricity costs as you may find that you need a bit less lighting in your store. The maintenance costs of polished concrete are also considerably lower than the upkeep cost of other floors – which makes the lifetime cost of polished concrete lower than just about any other flooring option.

Polished Concrete Design Options

Many people may think that polished concrete comes in only one color: grey. Nothing is further from the truth.
There are a huge variety of color and style choices for your concrete floor that you can use to properly convey the character of your business as well as provide a warm shopping environment for your retail walk-ins.

Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Acid stain provides beautiful, rich earth tones to the floor of your retail store and provide a look of elegance. Acid staining produces a cloudy/mottled pattern as a result of a chemical reaction between the floor and the acid stain. Colors tend to be more earthy and can be shades of brown, blue, green, and even red.

Dyed Concrete Floors

Dyed concrete allows you to have part or all of your concrete floor just about any color you imagine.  Dyed floors give you a bit more choices and color control than acid stained concrete floors.

Stencils, Patterns and Logos

Polished concrete floor design is quite versatile. You can have colors or designs in a wide variety of patterns that meet your needs. As an example, you can have your company logo in your concrete floor so it is one of the first things your customers see as they walk into your store.

Some of our Polished Concrete Jobs for Retail Stores

Concrete Floor Systems performs many concrete polishing jobs for Retail Stores.  View some of our most recent jobs below – then learn more about retail store concrete polishing below the gallery.

Recent Polished Concrete Jobs for Retail Stores

Polished Concrete Retail Safety

While concrete floors truly do shine and may look slippery, they are very safe. Polished concrete floors are extremely slip resistant (according to the Concrete Polishing Council) and provide a safe environment for your shoppers.

Polished Concrete Maintenance and Durability

As a flooring option, polished concrete may have slightly higher upfront costs, the lifetime cost of a polished concrete flooring system versus other flooring options is much lower.
This is due to the extreme durability of polished concrete when compared to other flooring options. A polished concrete floor stands up to foot traffic
Properly polished and sealed concrete requires minimal maintenance. Just keep it clean with a concrete floor scrubber, and your floor should last an extremely long time.
As a result of the relatively easy upkeep, your monthly maintenance costs with a polished concrete floor will be lower than just about every other type of flooring option.

Frequently Asked Questions About Polished Concrete for Retail Stores

Do I Need a New Concrete Slab or Can I Keep My Existing Floor?

is able In almost all cases, our team of experts can transform your beat-up or damaged existing concrete slab into a beautiful, reflective, and durable polished floor with our concrete polishing services. We actually specialize in restoring severely damaged and uneven concrete floors.

What if I Have an Existing Floor Covering on My Concrete Slab?

If you have an existing coating (like an epoxy floor coating) or a covering like ceramic tile, we are able to easily remove what lies on top to expose the concrete surface underneath. We’re then able to turn that slab into a beautiful polished concrete surface.

Are Polished Concrete Floors Good for a Commercial Space?

Absolutely. Polished Concrete Floors offer the same advantages for commercial spaces as they do for retail spaces. High reflectivity, safety, and low maintenance costs makes it a perfect fit for high traffic office spaces, medical offices, and even industrial environments like warehouses or factories.

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