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University of Colorado Downtown Campus

One of our most Denver concrete polishing jobs was at the University of Colorado Campus downtown.

Once the old dirty and unhealthy carpet was removed, it was like a bad Christmas gift that we received. The floor had multiple layers of underlayment on it and thousands of repairs under the underlayment once it was removed. A huge challenge and undertaking for a small area but nothing Concrete Floor Systems can not handle.

Taking Time to Get the Job Done Right – By Hand

We received approval for the owners to proceed with the work so we got started with this floor. We had to clean out every hole by hand since if the repairs are not cleaned out properly they will fail over time. Once the holes were cleaned we had to fill every hole by hand and then we had to hand grind them all down. Running over the repairs with a machine will chip the edges of the repairs so hand grinding them down is the only way to do it properly.

The Finished Product

After all the repairs were finished we could now continue our grinding and concrete polishing. The floor was brought up to a high gloss 1800 grit finish and now the University will have a wonderful healthy and easy to clean and take care of floor that will last years and years to come.

The small areas took 2 weeks with a team of 1 Foreman and 2 high trained technicians. It was a long time for a small area but well worth it for the University. The cost savings for polished concrete are impressive when compared to other flooring choices. It is a low maintenance, LEED Certified, non-slip flooring solution.

Concrete Polishing for Educational Institutions

At Concrete Floor Systems, we’re proud to have served many educational clients. Polished concrete is a perfect fit for schools and colleges. Polished concrete is a durable, long lasting floor which provides big cost savings over time.

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