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Polished Concrete: A Great Green Floor Option

When it comes to green flooring, polished concrete is a fantastic option.
CCIC Polished Concrete Elevated Deck
Concrete is a Green Flooring Material

The obvious reason that polished concrete makes a great flooring option is that the greenest product is no product at all.

Tile and epoxy floors aren’t nearly as green – and they don’t offer nearly the same amount of green benefits and reduced maintenance costs as polished concrete.
Polished concrete offers the following green benefits:
  • Recyclable – Polished concrete is the only flooring option that can be recycled/renewed at the job site
  • Lower Energy Costs – Concrete flooring uses the thermal mass of concrete to reduce heating and cooling cost
  • Reflectivity – Polished concrete is so highly reflective that it increases ambient lighting by 30%. As a result, you don’t need to use nearly as many lights as you would have to use with other types of flooring. You end up saving on energy costs.
  • Safe Flooring – The fact that polished concrete is so highly reflective makes it look as if it is slippery – it isn’t. Polished concrete is a high traction flooring option. The CPAA recognizes the ANSI B101.1/B101.3 standard for slip coefficient field testing and recommends customers to have their floor tested on a regular basis. Concrete Floor Systems can even perform a slip abrasion test for insurance purposes after your floor is completed.
  • Low Maintenance – After installation, polished concrete requires very little maintenance compared to other flooring options. As a result, you save money and on energy costs required for floor maintenance.
The advantages over a coated floor make polished concrete the far superior choice.

We Will Meet Your Budget and Your Needs

At Concrete Floor Systems, we provide our customers with a choice of systems to meet their needs. Based on client budget and expectations, we guide you through the process of selecting a concrete polished system that will work best for you. If you’d like to learn more about our work and our clients, be sure to view our portfolio. It contains links to just some of the Denver metro customers who are satisfied with our work.

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