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Acid Stain: Our Solution to a Tricky Problem

About Acid Stain
Acid Stain is a method to add color to concrete floors that utilizes a chemical reaction with the metallic salts and lime in the concrete. The permanent color provided by acid stain is actually created due to this chemical reaction with these salts and lime.

The Acid Stain Challenge

The challenge with this acid stain process lies within the concrete. Concrete frequently contains a lot of irregularity and unpredictability. Some additives in the concrete mix do not react with these salts. This can result in a chemically acid stained floor that can sometimes look downright awful.

Our Acid Stain Solution for Your Concrete Floor

Concrete Floor System has pioneered several processes to deal with concrete irregularities. Our processes are able to overcome the lack of lime necessary for the required chemical reaction for acid stain.
The result is a beautifully colored acid stained floor which looks fantastic.
Concrete Floor - Polished and Acid Stained
Our acid stain process as applied to an office building in Denver

Concrete Dyes vs. Concrete Stains: What is the Difference?

While both give you the same reflective, safe, eco-friendly and non-slip floor there are some differences.
Concrete Dyes:
Concrete Floor - Polished and Dyed
Concrete Stains:
Concrete Floor - Polished and Acid Stained

Learn More About Acid Stain – Contact Us

Contact us to learn how our acid stain process can overcome concrete irregularities and provide you with a great looking acid stain floor.


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