Fraud Blocker Polished Concrete for Colorado Schools | 3 Years Later

High School Concrete Polishing in Fort Lupton 3 Years Later

High School Concrete Polishing - 3 Years Later

Here are some photos of Fort Lupton High School that we did 3 years ago. In addition to the concrete polishing, we had 4 logos installed on the floor.

After 3 years, the logos and floor have held up extremely well – as expected with polished concrete floors.

Concrete polishing is fantastic for schools and other government buildings. Not only does it look great, but it also provides these benefits:

  • Reflective: polished concrete floors reflect light – this not only looks great but can reduce your energy costs for lighting
  • Safe: The floors are non-slip certified – so while they almost look like they’re “wet” they’re completely safe
  • Cost Savings: polished concrete floors have much less maintenance required than almost all other flooring options. The result is tremendous cost savings over the long life of the floor.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Polished concrete floors are LEED certified

Photos of the Job 3 Years Later

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