Concrete Grinding

Grinding Concrete: Experts for Your Business

Concrete Grinding when performed by our team of experts can have many applications for your business, home or organization.  Concrete grinding can be used to:

The obvious advantage to using our grinding services is cost. The cost is much less than it would be to completely replace the concrete.

The Grinder: What it Does to a Surface Made of Concrete

There are basically two main types of grinders for concrete:  Handheld Grinders and Walk-Behind Grinders.  Handheld grinders are smaller tools for concrete grinding that are better used for smaller areas and along edges or in corners.  Walk-behind grinders are better suited for concrete grinding on medium to larger floor areas.  A walk-behind grinder can cover a larger concrete area with a grinding area of 21 to 32 inches.  Bigger industrial grinders may have a larger grinding area.

A concrete grinder uses diamond grinding pads that are designed to remove bumps on surfaces, can strip away existing finishes to prep for resurfacing, as well as other surface disparities.

Grinding: Grinding Process of the Concrete Floor Surface

At Concrete Floor Systems, our team of concrete grinding experts will run a grinder across the surface multiple times, using diamond grinding wheel with a variety of grits until the floor is ready for polishing.  Typically, we start on the floor with a coarser level of grit wheel and progressively work down to a finer grit until the surface is finished to a point where it suitable for polishing.

This is not a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) type of project.  Our professionals have a skilled eye that can identify when an additional pass may be needed or when the floor surface is ready for a final grit.  Concrete grinders should be run by skilled technicians.  the experts will know what appropriate combination of grinding discs, grit, passes, and bonding are needed to obtain the best look and finish for your floor surface.

Our Customer: We Will Meet Your Budget and Your Floor Needs

At Concrete Floor Systems, we educate our customer with the best grinder process to meet their needs. Based on client budget and expectations, we guide you through the process of selecting a solution that will work best for you.

If you would like more free information about our grinder work and our clients, be sure to view our portfolio. It contains links to just some of the Denver metro customers who are satisfied with our floor work.

Grinding: A Nearly Maintenance Free Solution. Contact Us for Concrete Surface Needs

Contact us to learn more about how our grinder services can solve your concrete flooring issues, reduce maintenance, and save you the cost of concrete replacement.


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