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Concrete Prep Services

State of the Art Services to Prepare Concrete

Concrete Floors Systems has invested in the largest, state of the art concrete grinding floor systems in Colorado. If you need concrete or cement surface work, we can help!  Services we use to prepare concrete services include:

Concrete Grinder
Concrete Floor Systems Staff Performing Concrete Prep Work

Services to Prepare Concrete

Prep Plus Concrete Coating Removal

Unfortunately, sealed concrete or cement surfaces can become problematic. They can chip away and lose their bond resulting in a concrete floor that looks terrible and becomes uneven – perhaps even a hazard.

At Concrete Floor Systems, we’re well trained to remove old coatings, prepare and restore your concrete floor from grit to a beautiful, LEED-Certified non-skid surface that is much lower maintenance and lifetime cost than coated concrete floors.  If you need assistance with your concrete floor; whether you have a large commercial space or a smaller garage, we can help you!

Concrete Milling Purposes and Tool

Milling concrete is done for a variety of purposes including:

A Concrete milling tool or machine called a scarifier – is a prep machine used in concrete milling applications.

Concrete Shaving

Concrete Shaving is the prepping process of removing the very top layers of a concrete floor by using a concrete shaver and leaving the floor at the desired depth. Concrete shaving is used for uneven or coated concrete surfaces and also for the removal of contaminated concrete. Concrete shaving is highly precise with an accuracy of under 1 mm.

Concrete Shot Blasting

Concrete shot blasting is sometimes used as part of the concrete floor preparation process. Shot blasting a concrete floor leaves the floor very rough and dry. The result is a grit surface that is clean and dry and ready to be resurfaced, polished or have paint or other coatings applied.

Should You Shot Blast Your Concrete Floor? Check the Specifications, but Probably not…

Unless you want corn rows and micro fissures on your surface…

There are companies who will shot blast a floor, but we have found that grinding the floor to remove a coating is a much better system. Why? It does not leave corn rows in the concrete like a shot blast system. In addition, it does not create micro fissures in the concrete like shot blasting does, resulting in a much better system.

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Contact us to learn more about how our state of the art prep concrete services can provide you with a better concrete floor.  Call us at (303) 495-5692 or fill out the form below.


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