Fraud Blocker School Concrete Polishing and Grinding in Longmont Colorado

Mountain Valley Elementary Terrazzo Restoration

At Concrete Floor Systems, we’ve done a lot of projects for schools. We recently completed a terrazzo restoration at an elementary school in Longmont Colorado. The before and after picture for the project are displayed below.




The school had a dirty, unhygienic carpet lying on top of the terrazzo. No one knew that a beautiful terrazzo floor was underneath.

When the carpet was removed, the architect saw the amazing, exposed Terrazzo floor. There was no way they were going to put carpet back over the floor.

We were called to restore the terrazzo by the General Contractor – who we have worked with for 12 years. The end result of the restoration was a terrazzo surface that is better than the original because it was diamond polished rather than coated. We also treated the floor with a patented densifier.

This took 8 days to restore this hallway with all the detail work. Now they have a beautiful floor that does not need to be wax and recoated ever again.

The Restoration

The job required the following to get it up to our high quality standards:

Terrazzo / Polishing for Schools

We have many satisfied schools among our list of clients. We have also performed terrazzo restorations with great success. If you’re looking to improve your terrazzo or concrete, contact us.

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