Fraud Blocker Shot Blasting for Concrete Floors using Shot Blasters - Blast in Denver, Colorado

Shot Blasting in the Denver Area

Expert Concrete Surface Shot Blasting for Your Denver Area Business

Is the blasting process the same as abrasive sand blasting?  Absolutely not!  Our shot blast process is an eco-friendly and cost-effective preparation of concrete surfaces for things such as new paint by stripping, cleaning and profiling concrete in just one step.  A huge advantage of blasting is that it produces very little dust – which makes for a safer industrial work environment – and makes it a great choice in situations where dust can cause problems (like food service or manufacturing facilities).

After blasting, the concrete surface has a rough texture that is immediately ready for paint, coatings or other overlays to be applied. This means that there are no requirements for drying time or disposal – which can add cost to your project.

Blasters work by shooting steel shot media, not sand, at a concrete surface at very high speeds. This results in the surface layer of the concrete being removed – along with debris or coatings that had been applied to the concrete.

Shot Blasting is not Sand Blasting - The Equipment and How It Works

In this 90 second video, you’ll see an overview of how concrete surface blasting works, the industrial equipment and products used along with the type of shot blast media.

Concrete Surface Blasting - We Will Meet Your Budget and Your Needs

At Concrete Floor Systems, we provide our customers with a choice of systems to meet their needs. Based on client budget and expectations, we guide you through the process of selecting a concrete blasting solution that will work best for you.

If you’d like to learn more about us, our media blasting work and our clients, be sure to view our portfolio. It contains links to just some of the Denver metro customers who are satisfied with our services.

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