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Terrazzo Floor Restoration Services

Greatly Reduced Life Cycle Cost of Your Terrazzo Floor

Denver Area Patented Terrazzo Polishing Floor Restoration Process

Our patented Terrazzo restoration service method is an 8-10 step cleaning and restoration floor process. We are able to increase the abrasion and hardness of your existing terrazzo floor and transform the terrazzo surface. The result is a very hard, wearable surface that does not need to be recoated. It is LEED and CHPS certified and is all water base and safe.

Less Expensive to Repair and More Durable Than Older Polishing and Methods of Restoring Stone or Tile

The older, more costly cleaning, repair and restoration method was the standard in the industry for years – and is still utilized by many who restore Terrazzo. Similar to marble floor polishing, it required recoating the terrazzo periodically (every few months or years) depending on the foot traffic of the terrazzo. With our solution, minimum maintenance is required to upkeep your terrazzo floor.

What is Terrazzo Flooring?  Is it Marble?  Is it Granite?

Terrazzo is a floor material made from a mixture of natural stone – including marble chips and even finer marble dust as well as granite. This is combined with cement which is then poured, usually by hand, in layers. In the 1800s marble floors were becoming more abundant around the world. It was discovered that marble dust mixed with cement provided an even application with less grout lines. It was also cheaper than tile or stone.
This new floor product would become popular during the Italian Renaissance period where it remained popular into the twentieth century. The first installations of terrazzo flooring were in the late 1800s in New York City. In the 1950s terrazzos started to rise in popularity again with a resurgence of updated Italian designs. Today, terrazzo is still popular in Italy, France and South America, but is being used more commonly within the United States and the Denver area.
Why consider restoring with polishing?
Terrazzo floor polishing can be done to your specifications – with different levels of glossiness. Polishing will bring out the colors within each marble. Terrazzo floors are commonly used in Denver area restaurants and hotels due to their durability and modern design.

Greatly Reduced Life Cycle Cost of Your Terrazzo Floor

Our patented terrazzo cleaning and restoration process doesn’t require periodically applying a floor coating, and the result is a greatly reduced life cycle cost of your terrazzo floor. Our terrazzo polishing process is safe, gentle, and affordable. And with no need for a special protective layer that can cause short-term problems (e.g. yellow streaks), we provide you with the best possible cleaning solution for managing your terrazzo in-house or through our network of authorized vendors.

In or Around the Denver Area? Contact Us – Learn How Our Terrazzo Restoration Saves Money

If you are in or around the Denver, Colorado area and interested in restoring your marble floors,  contact us and learn how our patented terrazzo restoration and cleaning technique can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of your terrazzo floor.

“This is not a DIY project,” says Terry Hill, vice president of Global Product Development for Armstrong Flooring. “It requires considerable expertise and experience. Contact us today!


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