Patented Terrazzo Restoration Process

Our patented Terrazzo method is an 8-10 step process that increases the abrasion and hardness of the terrazzo and makes the floor a very hard wearable surface that does not need to be recoated. It is LEED and CHPS certified and is all water base and safe.
Less Expensive and More Durable Than Older Terrazzo Restoration Methods
The older, more costly method was the standard in the industry for years – and is still utilized by many who restore Terrazzo. It required recoating the terrazzo periodically (every few months or years) depending on the foot traffic of the terrazzo.
Greatly Reduced Life Cycle Cost of Your Terrazzo Floor
Our patented process doesn’t require periodic coating, and the result is a greatly reduced life cycle cost of your terrazzo floor.

Contact Us – Learn How Our Terrazzo Restoration Saves Money

Contact us and learn how our patented terrazzo restoration technique can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of your terrazzo floor.


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