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Concrete Dye and Stain

Beautiful Dyed Polished Concrete Floors

Our Dye Stain technique uses Vivid Dye. Our dye-stain technique uses dyes that have a large array of colors – so you get to choose what color you’d like your polished concrete to be. A major advantage of the Dye Stain technique is that no etching is required in order to achieve your desired color.

Concrete Floor Systems – Dye Stain Pioneers

The Dye Stain Concrete method is only a few years old and Concrete Floor Systems was the first contractor here in Colorado to use this procedure. Being the local experts and first to use the technique ensures that you’ll get the exact color (or colors) you’re looking for in your polished concrete floor.

Experience Matters When Using the Dye Stain Method to Color Concrete

Expertise with the Dye Stain technique can’t be underrated. It isn’t simply a matter of showing up and applying the dye-stain technique to the floor.
No two slabs of concrete are identical – and each needs to be analyzed independently to determine the properties of the concrete. The mix of ingredients and finishes can have a profound affect on the color and overall appearance of Dye Stain floor. Only when the unique properties of the concrete are known will we be able to move forward and present different dye stain options. Our expertise in dealing with a wide variety of concrete floors will help us to present you with color options that will look best with your floor.

Concrete Dyes vs. Concrete Stains: What is the Difference?

While both give you the same reflective, safe, eco-friendly and non-slip floor there are some differences.

Concrete Dyes:

Concrete Floor - Polished and Dyed

Concrete Stains:

Concrete Floor - Polished and Acid Stained

More About Vivid Dye – A Technical Look

Vivid Dye does not need free lime to color the concrete. Vivid Dye also provides a translucent effect to the concrete – just like Acid Stain. With the use of Vivid Dye, we are able to provide our clients with color options that are able to enhance the beauty of their polished concrete floors. We also have the capability to introduce FGS Hardener, the result is a luminous effect to the polished concrete. It creates a great looking finish.

Learn More – Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about how we can apply our experience with the Dye Stain Concrete method to give great looking color and finish to your concrete floor.


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