Fraud Blocker Concrete Polishing for Retail Stores - Walgreen's 1 Yr Later

Walgreen’s Polished Concrete – 1 Year Later

Usually our blog posts show concrete polishing work that we have just completed. This blog post is a bit different. The photos below are from a Walgreen’s in Lakewood, CO that we completed over 1 year ago.

Durable – Low Maintenance – Saves Money

Walgreen’s are extremely popular drugstores and see a lot of foot traffic – not to mention wheeled carts and equipment used for stocking. Despite all this traffic, the floor has required no maintenance since it was installed over 1 year ago. No waxing, maintenance, or concrete repair required.

A Great Solution for Retail

Polished concrete offers a beautiful, durable low maintenance solution for retail establishments. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of Polished concrete for your retail business, contact us today.


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