Fraud Blocker Polished Concrete for Retail Stores | Denver, CO | REI

Concrete Polishing at REI in Downtown Denver Colorado

We were called in to do a REI store at the last minute for a job requiring polished concrete in Denver due to another contractor that was hired and got behind on the project. The floor walking path was raised river rock which had to be ground smooth and then all the cracks and the holes filled.

This was a massive amount of concrete grinding work since the rock was sitting 3/8 of an inch higher than the concrete. River rock is almost as hard as granite which is an extremely hard stone. As you can see below there is a ton of holes and cracks in the floor that had to be filled and repaired.

The customer did not want a high shine but a very low gloss finish. We were able to provide the customer with exactly what they wanted.

Before: Many Holes and Cracks

The Process


After: Repaired, Grinded, Polished Concrete


You can see the finished polished concrete project below which was delivered to specs.



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