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Polished Concrete for Retail Stores: Restoration Hardware in Denver Colorado

Concrete Job Completed in Denver's Cherry Creek

Concrete Floor System completed the polished concrete floors of the new flagship Restoration Hardware store in Cherry Creek, Colorado.

Polished Concrete: Our Single Focus

Concrete Floor Systems was selected for this Denver polished concrete job over multiple polishing contractors due to our reputation for quality workmanship in concrete polishing. Our company has been doing this for 14 years; the clarity, longevity and gloss of our floors speak for themselves. We specialize in polished concrete; we do not focus on multiple crafts, giving us millions of square feet of finished floors. This makes our company a specialist in concrete polishing.  Companies that focus on a multitude of different types of installation systems become jack of all trades and a master of none. We are a master in concrete polishing, the reason so many customers turn to our company when there is a high end client demanding a high end product.

The Right Equipment for the Job

As with most construction projects, getting this job done quickly while maintaining the quality was paramount. The project was very delayed by the wet weather Denver received over the summer. This put the project behind schedule giving us over 60,000 square feet to do in a hurry. In order to accommodate the schedule, we brought in our large 60-inch machines that weigh over 1,800 lbs. The weight gives a great polish due to the head pressure on the diamond and the concrete.
Large Concrete Grinders
We have the equipment to handle extremely large jobs and get them done on time

Meticulous Attention to Detail - Polishing Concrete Stairs

Restoration Hardware wanted all of their stairs hand polished. As you can imagine, this was a massive undertaking. The hand units could not get into the inside corners so those had to be done with a very small tool that could get into the corners. This was very time consuming but required in order for everything to blend.
Restoration Hardware Polished Concrete Stairway
Putting the extra effort in to get the job done right on concrete stairs
Restoration Hardware Polished Concrete Fein Tool and Hand Grinder
Using a hand grinder to polish concrete stairs
Many companies skip these steps in order to save 33% less time but the end result will not blend and then decreasing the quality of the results. Responses you will hear from other companies will include things like “ You can not get in those corners with a hand unit….” This is true but there are other tools that can get inside those corners.
Restoration Hardware Polished Concrete Using Hand Grinder
Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition

Exceeding Expectations Despite Unexpected Challenges

Large construction projects like this always come with challenges on the job requiring good, fast problem solving, this is exactly what we are known for. The contractor did not have the roof dried in allowing multiple floods across the floor throughout our polishing process. This is normally not an issue after the floor is polished, however, during the process of concrete polishing it will cause efflorescence issues.
This happens when the concrete is very green and water puddling will bring the natural salts in the concrete up to the surface. This looks like white spots. As soon as the rain started, we notified the prime general contractor to let them know of the issue. We had to stop polishing due to the massive amount of water flowing into the building.
After another delay in the schedule due to the roof issue, we had to reschedule this job when the conditions onsite were more favorable for polishing. Even with the roof and weather delays, we made all needed repairs from the water, completed all work within our scope on schedule and the end product was beyond the owners expectations!!!

The Finished Product: Photo Gallery

Restoration Hardware has had countless issues with other polishers when it comes to getting the end results they wanted, keeping the high quality product and staying within a strict timeframe. They wanted a high-end cream polish with a satin finish. They wanted all edges done and all repairs done with a very high quality. This was the reason we were hired. Once the floor was complete, people from all levels at Restoration Hardware believe this is the best floor amongst all of their stores nationwide!!!


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