Fraud Blocker Polished Concrete for a Fire Station in Genesee, Colorado

Government Building Concrete Polishing: Fire Station in Genesee Colorado

Concrete Floor Systems did the Genese Fire Station up in Genese, Colorado. This fire station had a very rough floor that was deteriorating from the salts and chloride over the years. The floor had cracks throughout and an epoxy paint that was flaking off.

Before Getting Polished Concrete from Concrete Floor Systems

We had to do a very heavy concrete grinding on the floor on the floor to remove the epoxy and roughness out of the concrete. It was not an easy task to do. The floor was very uneven with a heavy grit and there were numerous low spots in the floor. We ended up filling the cracks and all the holes throughout the floor.

We used our patented hardening product for concrete on the floor 3 different times in order to stabilize the concrete in order to make it amenable to concrete polishing. When concrete is deteriorating it needs to be hardened up in order for it not to come apart during the polishing process.

After Concrete Floor Systems Concrete Polishing

After 5 days with 4 techs on the floor and over 200 labor hours on the concrete it was complete. The Fire Chief loves his new floor and has been showing it off to others Fire Chiefs in neighboring districts.

Concrete Polishing for Fire Stations and Other Local Government Facilities

Concrete Floor Systems is proud to provide our concrete polishing services to various government clients throughout Colorado and the United States. In addition to fire station concrete floor polishing, we have also provided our concrete polishing services to numerous schools and government facilities throughout Colorado. We even recently provided our concrete polishing expertise to a large federal government commissary in New Orleans.

If your local or Federal government agency would like the benefits of a great looking, durable, low cost and low maintenance polished concrete floor, contact us.


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