Fraud Blocker Concrete Polishing for Government Buildings - Commissary

Polished Concrete for a Government Building in New Orleans


This is a project that we did as a subcontractor to a company that was building a commissary for a Federal Government Agency in New Orleans. After using another concrete floor provider for two previous commissaries and not being happy with their work, they called in Concrete Floor Systems.

The Job
We took 2 of our Concrete Floor Systems crews down to New Orleans and polished the concrete with the Retoplate system. Below are the project photos.

The Praise

The praise that we received from the project manager was appreciated:

“As we discussed, this was the best looking RetroPlate floor (our government customer) has seen to date. Thanks again to you and your entire staff.”

Polished Concrete for Retail Stores

Polished concrete is great for retail establishments. It is reflective, looks great, is durable, and lowers lifetime maintenance costs for your floor. If you’re a store owner or are charged with retail facilities maintenance, contact Concrete Floor Systems to learn more.


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