Fraud Blocker Testimonial from Genesee, Colorado Fire Station

Fire Station Concrete Polishing Testimonial

We’re very proud of the work that we do at Concrete Floor Systems. We had a blog post earlier this month detailing the fire station concrete polishing we did for Genesee Fire Rescue in Genesee, CO. The station had struggled with epoxy floor coatings that weren’t durable in the past and decided to transition to polished concrete.

This week, we received a very nice testimonial which you can read on our Google+ local page..

Here’s a summary of what LT. Frame of Genesee Fire Rescue had to say about Concrete Floor Systems:

  • Staff was both helpful and patient
  • All minor issues which came up were handled professionally and quickly
  • The job was so good – that they showed the work to other fire departments who are now considering having their floors done.

Again, please check out the full review on our Google+ page, and if you have any questions about getting your fire station concrete floor polished, please contact us.


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