Fraud Blocker The Market for Polished Concrete is Booming - Here’s Why

The Market for Polished Concrete is Booming – Here’s Why

Taking a Look at the Global Market for the Polished Concrete Industry

According to a recent study by MarketsandMarketsTM presented in YahooFinance, recent projections indicate a significant growth trajectory for the polished concrete market. In fact, the market is expected to reach $3B in 2025 – this represents a 36% growth rate from 2020. You can download the full brochure and case study from MarketsandMarketsTM here.

Several key entities actively shape this expanding landscape, pioneering in the production of materials and provision of services integral to the polished concrete market.

The Upward Trend for Polished Concrete as a Flooring Option Continues to Grow Rapidly

While this growth is worldwide, the US is well represented with big companies like PPG, Sherwin Williams, and 3M helping to lead the way. Not surprisingly, the North American Market – led by the United States – will lead the largest share of the increase in the polished concrete market.

The study goes on to mention that while there are significant renovation projects that incorporate polished concrete, new construction is responsible for most of the growth in polished concrete worldwide. While this new construction primarily consists of commercial and industrial spaces – like retail, office space, and warehouses – the residential segment continues to expand as well.

So Why is Polished Concrete So Popular?

The popularity of polished concrete is due to a variety of factors, including those mentioned frequently on this blog. Some of the reasons to choose polished concrete for your commercial or residential space include the following.

Design and Style Choices

Polished concrete comes in a variety of styles that will work for any commercial, industrial, or retail business. With the abundant availability of concrete dyes, you can achieve any color combination that you desire. You can also take advantage of acid stains which provide an elegant look that are ideal for office spaces, hotels, and even home entertaining spaces.

Polished Concrete Is Easy to Maintain

Polished concrete floors stand out for their ease of maintenance, offering both cost-efficiency and simplicity in upkeep. In other words, it is super easy to keep polished concrete clean – especially when compared to other flooring options.

Cleaning Is a Breeze and Relatively Low Cost

Routine Cleaning

  • Dust mop or broom sweep daily to prevent dirt build-up
  • Damp mop weekly to tackle smudging and maintain shine

Maintenance Costs

  • No need for periodic stripping or waxing
  • Long-lasting durability reduces frequent resealing needs

Polished Concrete Is Extremely Durable

Polished concrete stands out for its strength and ability to handle high-traffic areas with minimal wear.

Foot Traffic

Polished concrete floors harness the resilience needed to endure continuous foot traffic. Commercial spaces and public buildings benefit from this flooring as it maintains its finish despite daily repeated impact of workers in commercial settings and people and pets in residential settings. These surfaces resist scuffs and scratches, lending to their longevity in busy environments.

Heavy Equipment

In industrial settings where heavy machinery operates, polished concrete offers unmatched durability. This kind of flooring can support substantial loads without showing signs of damage. Cost savings emerge over time as less maintenance is required to keep the surface in prime condition compared to other materials.

Polished Concrete Is Reflective but Safe

Polished concrete floors offer increased reflectivity – which makes them look slippery – but in fact they aren’t inherently slippery and when installed properly can be highly slip resistant. Don’t let the shine fool you – polished concrete ensures a safe walking surface even when it shines.

Polished Concrete Is an Eco-Friendly Flooring Option

Polished concrete floors offer significant eco-friendly benefits, such as reduced light needs and support for green building standards. They stand out in the sustainability aspect due to their long life and low maintenance requirements.

Eco Friendly Advantage #1: Highly Reflective

Polished concrete increases light reflectivity, which enhances natural light within a space. Facilities benefit from reduced reliance on electric lighting, leading to cost savings and less energy use.

Eco Friendly Advantage #2: LEED Certification

When properly installed and maintained, these floors meet the LEED standards for sustainable construction.

Eco Friendly Advantage #3: Polished Concrete Lasts a Loooong Time

With a long service life, polished concrete floors stand as a cost-effective choice. They require fewer repairs and replacements, making them a sustainable choice that aligns with an environmentally conscious approach to flooring. Polished concrete boasts a longer lifespan than many traditional flooring options. Its durability translates to lower frequency of replacement, which means fewer resources consumed over time.

Polished Concrete is Cost Effective

All of the benefits mentioned above translate into a very cost effective floor – especially when compared to other flooring options.

To summarize:


Cost-Saving Aspect


Reduces repair costs


Lowers energy expenses

Material Savings

Cuts initial installation costs


Minimizes total ownership cost over time

Business owners and facility managers recognize the clear economic advantages that polished concrete floors offer. They provide a blend of resilience, aesthetics, and energy efficiency, all contributing to their cost-effective nature.


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