Fraud Blocker Concrete Polishing for a Tractor Bay in Colorado

Polished Concrete Floor in Flagler, Colorado

Concrete Floor Systems provides polished concrete services throughout Denver metro and beyond. We frequently send some of our work crews out of state to meet the polished concrete needs of some of our clients.

Recently, we were in Flagler, CO – a town about 30 miles from the Kansas border along I-70.

The customer in the photo above needed a strong, durable floor for his tractors. One of his main problems was tractors leaving dirty, damaging tire marks on his old concrete floor. You can clearly see the difference between the old, stained concrete floor in the back and the durable, reflective concrete sample the men are inspecting.

The new floor was installed and is safe and easy to maintain. He got what he wanted with Concrete Floor System polished concrete.


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