Fraud Blocker Concrete Polishing for Office Spaces in Boulder Colorado

Office Space Concrete Polishing

Here is one of our most recent jobs involving concrete polishing in Boulder. This job took place in Boulder, CO at Sterling Rice.

The Challenge:

  • Remove Old Carpeting
  • Remove Multiple Layers of Carpet Glue
  • Multiple Floor Repairs
  • Provide a durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain floor

Before Concrete Polishing

Our Process

We were able to remove the carpet and ground off the glue as well as take care of the numerous required floor repairs. After the repairs were done Concrete Floor Systems went through the diamond grinding grits and brought the polished concrete floor to a 1800 grit finished.

The End Result:.

Our patented concrete polishing system provided – and will continue to provide – the following benefits to this customer:

  • Increased Lighting Reflectivity
  • High Slip Coefficient of Friction (COF) – prevents slipping
  • Provides the owner a floor that will last years and years to come

Polished Concrete for Denver Businesses

If your Denver business can use a new or improved office, showroom, or retail floor, consider polished concrete. It is reflective, durable, and has low maintenance costs. Contact us to learn more.


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