Fraud Blocker Don't Replace Your Concrete Floor! Restore it.

Don’t Replace Your Concrete Floor! Restore it.

Bringing a Concrete Slab Back to Life in Canon City, Colorado

If you think that your concrete slab is damaged beyond repair, we can help – even if other concrete polishing contractors say that it can’t be done. If at all possible, all steps should be taken to hang on to the concrete slab that you have rather than going through the time and expense of tearing it out and starting over.

Benefits of Restoring a Concrete Floor

The benefits of being able to restore an existing concrete slab are great for your wallet and for the environment.

#1 Concrete Restoration Costs Less than Removal and Replacement

Concrete Floor Removal Is Expensive

Removing the concrete slab from your building requires significant effort on the part of contractors to remove, haul away, and properly dispose of your old concrete floor. This gets expensive quickly, and it will take a significant amount of time and money to get done properly.

New Concrete Floor Installation Is Expensive

Once your old floor is gone – you need a new one.

A new concrete pour for your facility can be expensive. You have to schedule and pay for the new pour. Once the floor is in place, you’ll have to modify the floor to meet the required specifications. That will require hiring a contractor to properly grind and polish the new slab.

#2 Concrete Floor Restoration Has Less Schedule Impact​

Concrete Floor Removal Takes Time

The entire process of a contractor removing your floor has severe schedule impacts on your project. Depending on the size of the floor, it could take weeks for a contractor to remove your damaged slab – which can get you way behind schedule.

Pouring a New Slab and Getting it Up to Specs Takes Time

Once the slab is gone, you need a new one poured. This requires truckloads of concrete pours (depending on the size of your facility). Getting all this concrete poured and leveled.

Then you have to wait anywhere from 2-4 weeks for the concrete to cure before you can begin grinding the floor.

Once the floor has fully cured, the grinding process can finally get started. But this also takes additional time and eats into your project schedule.

All of these factors combined can result in major project delays that can cause you to miss target dates.

#3 Environnmental Impacts

There are obvious environmental impacts involved both with the proper disposal of a concrete floor – as well as the energy and resources involved in getting a new concrete floor in place.

Restoring an existing concrete floor and polishing it makes your floor extremely durable and able to last an extremely long time will little maintenance – which is also positive from an environmental standpoint.

And you didn’t even have to harm the environment to get this spectacular-looking floor.

Choosing restoration over removal for your concrete slab can save you time, money, and is better for the environment.

A Recent Denver Concrete Floor Restoration Job

This is a recent 12,500 square foot concrete polishing and restoration job that we performed in Canon City, Colorado (southwest of Colorado Springs). The building owner had requested bids from other companies to restore their concrete slab, but no other company would take the job.

Each of the concrete companies didn’t think that they could salvage the floor. They all recommended that the building owner remove and replace the concrete slab.

The Concrete Slab: Before

Each of the concrete companies didn’t think that they could salvage the floor. They all recommended that the building owner remove and replace the concrete slab.

Heavily Damaged Concrete Slab
Pitting and Cracking in the Concrete Floor
Many concrete contractors thought the floor was beyond repair - it wasn't

In fact, this concrete floor actually had just about all of the problems that you can imagine being present with a decaying concrete floor:

  • Pitting
  • Cracking
  • Blistering
  • Spalling
  • Heaving

The Concrete Slab: During

We came in and successfully restored the concrete floor and bring it to an amazing polish.

The concrete grinding process. You can see grinders and HEPA Vacuums
Performing repeated grinds to the floor with concrete grinders
Applying Concrete Sealer to the Concrete Floor

We were able to grind the floor to fine grit. We also applied a sealer to harden and densify the concrete floor.

The Concrete Slab: After

The finished concrete floor looks amazing. As you can see, it was polished to specs as required by the building owner. We shaved the floor – 18 metal, 30 metal, CFS Urethane backfill, removed backfill and polished to a 800 grit. The shine from the polished concrete floor is high, but the slip resistance is high. This makes it an extremely safe floor.

This restoration project turned out great – and was done without any need to remove the existing slab from the building.

Beautiful Restored Concrete Floor
From a Heavily Damaged Floor to a Durable Easy to Maintain Floor that Costs Way Less than Tearing Out and Replacing the Original Slab

Deciding Between Removal and Restoration of Your Concrete Slab?

We have experience bringing the most damaged concrete slabs back to life and helping our customers stay on track with their budgets and schedules. You may think that your concrete floor is a completely lost cause, but there is a very good chance that we can revitalize your existing slab when others say that they can’t.


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