We'll Fix Your Concrete Leveling Problem - Immediately!

Immediate Availability for Your Denver Business

Photo of the concrete leveling processWe know that leveling hiccups can pop up unexpectedly which is why we have a full staff ready for immediate availability.

Contact us now - we'll give you a free estimate and can begin the leveling process the same day to get your project back on schedule.

Immediate Floor Use

Our leveling process allows foot traffic in just 3 hours and accepts moisture sensitive floor covering in 24-36 hours. The rapid early strength our product offers helps speed up the curing process.

You Save Money

The speed at which we arrive and get your floor ready for use decreases your downtime and saves you money.

Whatever Your Situation Is, We Can Help

Concrete Floor Systems is the ideal way to resurface uneven, rough flooring or correct low and high spots in original concrete floor slab. Your project depends on our tools, craftsmanship, and experience!

We repair floors in a variety of industries:

  • Factory
  • Warehouse
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Office Space

High Quality Products and Effective Processes

When leveling concrete, the staff uses an industrial strength pump to fill any voids and raise the concrete slab back to its desired position. Our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the concrete industry by using some of the finest leveling equipment in the world.

Featured specs of high tech products we use under the most rigorous conditions that will eliminate down time include:

  • Dual hydraulic circuits
  • Proximity switches on cylinders to eliminate short stroking
  • Hardened steel for longer wear
  • Hydraulic drive wheel
  • Electric volume control

Knowledgeable Staff Who Are Always On Time. Guaranteed.

Our highly trained staff is guaranteed to be on time. We've developed tools & techniques that enable us to reposition concrete slabs to help you realize your most challenging flooring goals.

Concrete Floor Systems Staff is trained to handle everything from major strategic planning to more basic problems that affect your everyday business practices.


slurry separatorThe only concrete leveling and polishing company that separates concrete slurry safely with no toxins

This specialized equipment provides the greenest slurry disposal available. Our investment to you keeps ground-water contaminating chemicals out of the environment.

View Our Galleries - See Our High Quality Work

We perform concrete leveling, polishing and repair for many clients in a variety of industries. See our Galleries Page to see the high quality work that we do for our many clients.

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